Children Just Like Me: A new celebration of children around the world

I vividly remember buying the first edition of this book for Christmas 1995. I was at Crocodile Pie (RIP) a bookstore in Libertyville IL, and I bought this while being hugely pregnant with my third child. We’ve kept it all these years along with Material World another book about how the rest of the world lives. This new edition is similar in format and scope to the first edition.


Each continent has between three and ten children listed as examples of how real kids (average ages 8-12) live. South America has the fewest and Asia the most. Each child is pictured with their family, favorite foods, hobbies, home, and a few personal tidbits. We are all for the school schedule in Brazil which has students doing homework in the morning and attending school in the afternoons and evenings. It sounds just like home to us. We were also impressed with the variety of fried dough dishes around the world. For each child pictured there is a map of their countries location and a phonetic for hello in their language. We are practicing a bunch of those just for fun. Overall this new edition gets a big thumbs up from us.

We borrowed Children Just Like Me: A new celebration of children around the world from the Chicago Public Library and read it as part of our homeschool lessons.

Hardcover – September 6, 2016