Harry Potter and Today’s World


I’m doing what I do best. I’m turning to literature to make sense of current events. My friend Leonie had a great idea over on her blog Living Without School. It inspired me. I’ve got a lot of juggling to do, but I think that this is a proactive way to process our changing world while doing a compare/contrast to what happened in the fictional wizarding world. Leonie is in Australia, and I’m in Chicago so between us we’ve got most of the time zones covered.

I’m going to start Chapter 1 today of the Sorcerer’s Stone. I think that instead of a schedule we should just read at our own pace, but we can tweak it as we go based on our plans.  Edited to add: We are discussing starting with The Half-Blood Prince instead.

There is a facebook discussion group located here. If you don’t do facebook (and I totally get that), we can chat in the comments here too.

I look at the Harry Potter series as a kind of instructional text about tolerance and valiance—a sort of call to arms to do the right thing. This group is for anyone that wants to read through the series together and discuss the issues that apply to our world today. I hope you consider joining us!