The only other Gary Paulsen books I’ve read are those in the Hatchet series. (if you have boys in the house I consider those must reads)

This is just as good. He really knows how to get inside the brain of males. I almost wish I could have him as a translator. The story begins, in the woods, with Samuel being a typical Paulsen teenage boy outdoorsman. There is a bit of foreshadowing that war is approaching and soon Samuel is in the middle of it. The story continues on and every chapter or so there is a page of real history thrown in so that the reader has historical context. I found that more satisfying than long book notes at the end.

The descriptions in this book are extremely graphic as is a real war. If all history was told with such action and suspense, I believe it would be more people’s favorite subject.

We borrowed this book from the Chicago Public Library to read in our homeschool. Pretty sure this one is the start of a Paulsen rabbit trail as I realized that Declan hasn’t begun the Hatchet series yet.

Woods Runner

Paperback – January 11, 2011