No New Books 2017?


I haven’t bought any books this year. Before you start laughing too hard, I do realize it’s January 8th. The irony doesn’t escape me. Everything seems doable after just 8 days.  I am considering spending 2017 reading books I own and those that I can borrow from the library.  I’m cautiously optimistic that it can be done.

We are in the middle of an entire house gut remodel, and most of our books are packed away in boxes. Apparently, I’m pretty good at hiding them as John was under the impression that I had given away much more than I had. We moved a ton of book boxes out of our future master bath, and he assured me that soon I would have plenty of bookshelves. I gently confessed to the eight boxes of books in the family room attic, the six boxes of kid books in the upper attic and the four in the attic access in the boy’s room. Out of sight out of mind, I guess. We had 10 ft ceilings in the condo, and we had the floor to ceiling bookshelves in almost every room. We had space for a lot of books.

This house is twice the size, so theoretically I can keep all of my precious. I just don’t know if I need to. After we build our bookshelves in the living room, I’m going to have to make some hard choices, and I was thinking that the responsible thing might be to stop adding to the ginormous collection. That won’t keep me from accepting free books, but I feel good about my thin line in the sand. Also, I’ve already started thinking about exceptions to this rule: Like Kindle books shouldn’t count- right? And books that I’m using for research do they count? How about if one of the kids needs a book?  I’m terribly afraid I may suffer from:


And in that case, none of the above applies. Thanks for listening to my internal monologue.

3 thoughts on “No New Books 2017?

  1. Oh the pain! No new books! But I hear you. I found myself muttering similar resolutions while I was sorting our shelves this past week. “I won’t buy any books, I won’t buy any books…” And then I promptly went to Netgalley and loaded up my Kindle with DRCs. 🙂

    1. That’s the only way this will possibly work is me turning to netgalley. Only then I end up wanting to buy them for the kids

  2. Karen Edmisten

    You do not suffer alone.

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