Late Spring Daybook

“No post on Sundays,” he reminded them cheerfully as he spread marmalade on his newspapers, “no damn letters today —”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

No New Posts over the Summer Weekends:

If it’s good enough for the Dursley’s, it’s good enough for me. And I’ll even improve on the concept.  I’m going to take a break from posting on the weekends entirely from now until Fall. I think five book reviews a week ought to be enough for anyone.

Summer At The Zoo- Announcement:

To sweeten the deal, I’ll even let you in on a secret. I’ve got an entire series of blog posts about spending your Summer at the Zoo ready and raring to go on Fridays all Summer Long! A couple years ago I wrote a few articles at Sandbox to Socrates about field trips and taking your kids to museums. I’m not off that soapbox yet and was thinking about how to put a new spin on my old rant. As much as I would love to write a bunch about the Field Museum or the Science and Industry Museum we just can’t get downtown much this Summer. We did, however, purchase an awesome Family Unlimited Pass to the Brookfield Zoo located just a 30-minute expressway drive away. Now, if you know me either in real life or on Twitter, you’ll recognize the sarcasm in that last comment. But, when life hands you lemons you throw them back hard. Chicago style. Or you make lemonade.  And so, you can look forward to Zoo posts towards the end of May. I have twelve weeks of visit ideas which means you can pick and choose to your heart’s content. Or use them all- I especially love the cryptozoology week. I may bundle the whole thing in a PDF. If that is something that interests you leave me a note.

We are lucky enough to have a couple artists in residence, and I’ve assigned them the task of making a few handouts that I’ll give you without even asking for your email address. Really- what’s with that? I know that bloggers want to boost their subscribers, but that just seems not only annoying for the person giving their email but somehow desperate as well. I don’t want pity followers. Sheesh.

I do want real followers and real followers make me seem more legit to publishers and they give me books. Books that I can tell you about early enough for you to preorder them, so if you do see something you like here please so share with like minded folks.

What else is going on? 

Our daughter graduated from high school this week leaving us with only one lowly straggler at the Viking Academy. She’ll be around, living at home, eating food, going to Community College and working to build up her photography business.

I feel like I’d better show the boys some love and give their life updates as well. Our most aged (hey-I’m sick of writing oldest) son is still out West near Portland living his best life successfully. He’s happy, so I’m happy. He took my live life “out of the box” rant to heart.

Son number 2 (AKA stagehand kid) is living at home while saving for a house- it’s festival season so living at home means swinging by at odd hours for clean clothes and food. He leaves us sweet concert shirts at 2 am like a tattooed elf.

Son number 3 is also at home. He is taking a couple computer classes and working both on our house and at a part time job. He is our tech support/carpenter. The total package.

Our youngest boy is 11, and he does what 11 yo kids do. We’ve got a pool within walking distance, weekly library visits and this zoology thing to keep him busy all Summer. And if his mowing business takes off he’ll be the next Bill Gates of the lawn industry.

Grandad is still with us. He is pretty much the same health wise. He has good and not so good days. Luckily, there are plenty of us around to handle his various needs and clean up after his hijinks.

John and I are plugging along remodeling this house, and our kitchen is the current project. The next one will be finished floors. If you’ve spent any time at all walking on plywood, you’ll know how excited we are about that. I’m just glad I’ve got all these kids home, cause cleaning this house is not on my list of fun things to do. I’m still missing our condo and Chicago in general. I am enjoying this weird foray into suburbia, it’s like traveling to a land of strange customs. (That’s probably an entire blog post in itself so I’ll stop there.)