You Talking to Me? travels the world to explore the fascinating and cool ways humans and animals communicate. Learn how languages develop and how they change. Follow root words such as proto (the Greek word for first) around the globe from one language to another. Discover insider languages such as slang, gestures, and symbols. Roma gypsies used piles of rocks to share information with the next group arriving.

I enjoyed reading this and think that the target Middle-Grade audience will as well. It features bright graphics, short text blurbs and lots of interesting facts that kids probably didn’t know. All forms of communication are covered including how animals talk to each other and non-verbal human communication. That is the section that I loved the most, I think that for kids on the spectrum who don’t intuitively understand those cues- this book could be a lifesaver.

Also covered are codes and symbols. Like it or not, our kids are probably more fluent in text and sticker communication then we ever will be. The computer coding section was easy to understand and well written. Overall, it’s really well done and spot on for the age group. My middle-grade kid wants to buy it as a reference book.

I read a DRC of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Edelweiss.

You Talking to Me?: Discover the World of Words, Codes, Emojis, Signs, Slang, Smoke Signals, Barks, Babbles, Growls, Gestures, Hieroglyphics & More

Hardcover – April 10, 2017