Eating Promiscuously: Adventures in the Future of Food

James McWilliams proposes an interesting theory: What if we could eliminate agriculture as we know it, start over, and radically alter the human diet?  I think both high school students and adults may enjoy this foray into alternative food sources. This book explores some alternative nutritional sources including insects and roadkill. It tells the stories of people involved in alternative food sources and diets. The chapter about an obese family that went vegan is inspiring, to say the least. James makes some good points in that most people of the world eat three animals consistently: pigs, cows, and chickens. We consume only about ten grains. This leads to an imbalanced system for sure. There are hundreds of varieties of apples, and we mass produce less than ten. I have a feeling that people who buy this book will be on board and I get the sense that the author knows this and is preaching to the choir. I wish that there had been a section at the end of ideas of how to implement some of these radical ideas. I think that although readers will be intrigued he left us wondering what to do next.

Editing to add: I got tipped off to this video series which does tell you how to get started. Yay for the power of the Interwebs!- Thanks, Mandi!


I was given a DRC courtesy of Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Eating Promiscuously: Adventures in the Future of Food will be published May 16, 2017