Reading My Way Through Chicago


I haven’t written about my love of Chicago in quite a while. I always try and have Born Again Chicagoan in any of my bios. Even now while we are out here in exile for awhile I go into the Loop once a week- like taking a maintenance dose of an essential medication. I feel differently when it’s been too long.

John and I were both raised in the far northern suburbs because both our families wanted us to have yards, good schools, and safety. My parents grew up in the city and soon after I was born they moved out to the burbs in what I’m sure was a sign of success. I know my Mom thinks I’m slightly crazy when I talk of how I miss the noises and crowds of downtown. One of my kids lives in a RV van so I know the bewilderment of watching adult children want very different things than you do.

Anyhow, Chicago books are one of my favorite subjects. You can go so many different ways.

Politics in the Windy City? Notable.

Start with:

Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago


Sports? You’ve got the Hawks, the Bulls, The Sox and my beloved Cubs.

I’ve got to say I only really care about the Cubs and there is only one book that I love.

A Nice Little Place on the North Side: A History of Triumph, Mostly Defeat, and Incurable Hope at Wrigley Field


Architecture? Ooh, yes We’ve got some old cool buildings and you’ll want to hear the stories behind them.

Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks

Now I know no one except me (post lottery win) is going to buy this gem for $56. You can however borrow it from your library. It is gorgeous.


How about Poetry?

Chicago Poems by Carl Sandburg

Sandburg’s poetry falls into the you’ll love it or hate it category so try it and see.