Noah Webster’s Fighting Words- A Review


Disclaimer: I used to read the dictionary for fun. Why I’ve never read anything about Noah Webster is feeling like a personal failure. Also, picture books apply to all ages even though I did put this one under my grade school category.

Noah Webster felt so strongly that America be different than Britain that he took it upon himself to simplify spelling and to create a dictionary and textbook series that were uniquely American.

Noah Webster’s Fighting Words is a picture book that tells that story.

Written By: Tracy Nelson Maurer

Publisher: Millbrook Pr (T) (January 2017)

I received a digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.

I’m starting to think I’m going to be Amazon’s best customer in the year ahead. I’ve discovered just so many great books through the review process that I’ve started branching out into grade levels I’m not even teaching!

That said my fifth grader and I read this one together, and both enjoyed it. A picture book biography that is a mix of nonfiction main text and sidebars filled with a fictional dialogue and edits from Noah himself.

He used to mark up his own text after it was published with red ink. As he once said, “I began life…full of confidence in my own opinions.” After reading about his adamant opinions, we think he would have been very disappointed that some of his spellings never caught on and would love to argue with you about that and anything else under the sun that he didn’t agree with.

This one gets a huge smiling thumbs up from us.