Monday Musings


I’m doing a bit of social media de-cluttering today.  I changed the name of the blog to match the domain and changed my usernames on Twitter, Instagram, and the Facebook page to match. It turns out it’s easier for people to find you with one consistent identity. Unless you are a superhero and then you are expected to have two names.  🙂

This space has turned into more of a book review blog and not so much of a homeschooling one. Although, to me, books are so integral to homeschooling it’s all the same topic.

I will continue to post some homeschooling stuff and will label it Viking Academy if it’s unique to us and secular homeschooling if it’s general stuff.

I’ll also be heading up the blog Sandbox to Socrates, and I will be blogging there along with a team of fantastically awesome veteran homeschoolers. Email me if you fit in that category and feel like writing something. Please check it out in January when we’re back from Winter Break.

Also, what are you reading this week?

Here is my pile inspired by the Cybils nominees:



It’s going to be a girl power week for me. I’m having a blast reading all these nonfiction books.