Fashion Rebels- A Review

Publisher: Aladdin/Beyond Words (September 6, 2016)
Middle- Grade Non-Fiction
 I’m so not a fashionista and yet I enjoyed this book for what it is. Middle-Grade girls who love history and fashion will love this book. The drawings and examples of how to achieve a certain “look” are fantastic. Starting with Cleopatra and ending with Lady Gaga almost every fashion trend is described and easy to visualize.
Middle schoolers wanting to make their own costumes will have everything they need here. Style tips and tutorials are spread throughout the book. I now know that Katherine Hepburn was really into making sure everyone around her was hydrated- always ahead of the curve that one.
The central message is that finding your own style is personal and that these women are not defined by their fashion choices.
This book was nominated for the Cybils Awards, and I was sent a copy for this review.